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La Yeni's mystical sound comes from her many years of travelling and influenced by many types of music around the world. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in the U.K., Canada, The U.S. and Spain. Some of her influences are Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Planxty, and Altan, amongst many others.
La Yeni studied classical piano from the age of three, and began songwriting when she was 12 years old. From there, she continued songwriting and began recording and performing during her high school years in Philadelphia, and played professionally with her band throughout the Tri-State area. She recorded albums, live concerts, and music videos of her music, writing in English and Spanish. She has worked with Skip Drinkwater, Phil Nicolo, Eric Bazilian, and others. La Yeni studied voice with Katie Agresta (New York), and had classical training as well. La Yeni plays the harmonium, harp, piano, lyre, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, and Irish tin whistle.
La Yeni then moved to Los Angeles where she sang, danced, and performed Flamenco, latin pop and rock music. She also composed and produced soundtracks for various short films including the award-winning series, The Dream Series. Now in Vancouver, La Yeni has gone back to a more mystical sound, often described as "fairy music". Her first album, Yarrow Under the Moon, received Best Debut Album from Folk 'N Rock, and received a Canadian Folk Music Awards nomination for Traditional Singer of the Year for 2024. Her sophomore album, All Hallow's Eve, received Best Concept Album from Folk 'N Rock as well. She has over 130k followers on Instagram and has had millions of views on her videos and reels and her music can be found on all streaming platforms.
La Yeni is ambassador for Serenite Sonore, maker of fine lyres, and is also ambassador for Luna Roots, The Project Honey Bees, Wand Woods Studio, Son de Flor, Vivaia, and has featured and collaborated with other companies on social media. La Yeni is also a big supporter of the Wolf Conservation Center in New York, and Pacific Wild Organization in British Columbia.


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